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We have all said why do they not put real people in these videos with the help of some amazing people and some amazing members that is what has happened.
Saying it as it is the Truth
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Creation of Independent Disability Commision

DisabledViewUk is the calling for the foundation of a National Independent Disability Commission similar to an Ofcom.

We are aware there are many groups and charities government bodies working to support Disabled people and Care givers at present.

We welcome everyone who are willing to work together to bring a joint collation, for establishment of the independent disability commission so, We are working towards encompassing all views into this review of..

  • Disabled People
  • Caregivers
  • Charities
  • National Government
  • Local Government Bodies
  • Employment Sectors
  • Health Sector
  • NHS
  • Wellbeing and Social Care Agencies within the UK.

Wellbeing and social care agencies within the uk, can have vital role in the Independent Disability Commission.

Ensuring that new measures are put in place, to prevent fundamental failings that are occurring at present.

Our website has contact form please feel to contact us.

Our Group, DisabledViewUk was established out of a group’s discussion between Disable People and Caregivers to tackle issues such as..

  • Exclusion
  • Poverty that comes from being Disabled Person or a Caregiver.

Currently we are writing letters to our members of Parliament to seek their full support, to raise our needs to the top of their priorities.

Have the errors and failings that in the current system logged in the House of Commons, requesting a review into these failings. So that they don’t carrying on into the new reform.

We hosting a National awareness day on the 8th May 2016 for Disabled people and Caregivers.

Were Are In It Together!

  • For all sectors society to converse and look how services are provided
  • How provision are allocated
  • How these can be improved from a care giving and disabled persons point view.

We are appointing local area representative to link in with local groups and speak to local councils about area issues.

The Independent disability commission is vital to provide a positive national platform

  • Addressing,
  • Establishing
  • Support the rights of Disabled People and Caregivers.

The wave of need is paramount to be a part of positive progress programe

email Twitter @disabledviewuk

Together we can make the establishment of the Independent Disability Commission a reality for all

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