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We follow and uphold the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities




Why are people needing help?

Sadly there are lots of different reasons that people and families find themselves facing problems.

Sadly some persons with disability, caregivers and advocate are placed into poverty or are pushed into crisis situations due to systemic failings.

Major impact has been from government reforms, benefit sanctions, the cost of living is getting higher,

Members come to us for many different reasons, here are a some of the main reasons.

  • Losing their home, Reduced care hours, Losing their job, Unsure how to apply for benefits, isolated and alone
  • Benefit problems, No access to support, Needing advice on various issues, Housing issues, Nhs Provision.

As group we take on projects at local and national we encourage members to be proactive in being the change that needs too happen in positive way.

We raise matters of concern and failing to The House of Commons through each members Member Of Parliament

To find who is your Member of Parliament click here

Together we can all be the stronger voice that is needed.

Press Statement

DisabledViewUk is currently working on the establishment of the Independent Disability Commission.

The role of the Commission will be encompassing the views of Disabled People, Caregivers, Charities, National Government, Local Government Bodies, Employment Sectors, Health Sector, NHS, wellbeing and Social Care Agencies within the UK. To provide a positive National platform in addressing, establishing and supporting the rights of Disabled People and Caregivers.

At present we are seeking our members, Disabled People and Caregivers to contact the Member of Parliament. To have their personal experience logged in The House Of Commons.

To enable a review into the fundamental failings and errors to prevent these same problems carry on into the new reform being fast tracked.


Our email address for Disabledviewuk:      info@disabledviewuk.com

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